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Email Despatch to Key MiCE Buyers in Europe
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UNIQUE resource spotlighting UK Conference, Meeting, Event Venues, Destinations and Services promoting products and ideas to buyers in the eurozone marketplace. Communicating with 10,000 corporate and agency contacts: Germany 5000, France 4000, Rest of Europe 1000.

Fully responsive

Email to create better experiences for readers in all environments. Plus, a product gallery connecting buyers.

Clean design

A concise email which includes a clean design and an eye-catching color, simple but effective email newsletter design.

Local Language

Translating into multiple languages builds goodwill, showing potential customers that you care about their needs.

Best Value

Providing an expansion opportunity for brands keen to maximise return on their investment in financially straitened times.

We are
Direct Marketing

SPOTLIGHT17, is part of the RGA UK Ltd portfolio. A unique range of products and services products created by RGA, the UK's No.1 supplier of specialised databases and direct marketing services, for UK venues, destinations and services targeting key buyers in the global MiCE marketplace.

What we do

We create

Relevant, specialised direct marketing services to help UK MiCE industry businesses build relationships and expand client base in Europe.

We look to the future

We believe it's about pushing the production and provision of services outside existing borders.

We find a solution

Keeping the big picture in focus so we can adapt our services to meet your goals and solve your business challenges.

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Next Despatch Spotlight17: include your venue/service in the UK's first email network targeting Europe's MiCE buyers




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Spotlight17: see recent email despatch to European MiCE buyers from UK venues and services - download issue

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